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Here’s a Mental Trick That Will Keep Your Audience Interested

It’s 2015. Welcome to the age of the information deluge.

You’re probably sifting through 20 to 30 tips to make your life more awesome everyday these days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel that some of these “lifehacks” are starting to repeat themselves after a while.

The other day in an airplane, I heard this young man declare to a girl he was sitting next to that: “I think it’s so much better to be paying for experiences than for things,” as if this nugget of wisdom spit itself out from the depths of his inner thoughts.

Unfortunately for him, the young lady wasn’t impressed. She’s probably read that same study over and over again on different blogs (and Buzzfeed).

So before I start off into a new story and bore you completely let’s get to the point I’m trying to make.
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Pomodoro Timer

How a Tomato Shaped Timer is Going to Change Your Life

Welcome to 21st century living.

Stay with me for a moment and let me know if some of these things happen to you at work:

You start a task (ie, you start working).

Ten minutes later, an e-mail notification pops up. You check and reply to this.

You shake off the distraction after about four or five minutes and start again.

Your phone rings. It’s your friend. When are you guys catching up this weekend?

Wow. That felt good. Let’s go back to work.

Ten minutes pass. A colleague walks by. How was the weekend? Great! We tried this new place…

Good chat. Now where were we? Oh yeah. Let’s continue…

Another e-mail pops up. No worries. You only need five minutes to answer it anyway.

Back to work…where was I? Here we go…

What? Lunch already? Cool. Let’s go!

…back from lunch and coffee. Wow. Where did the time go?

I hope this doesn’t happen to you on a daily basis. It does to me and frankly, it’s driving me crazy.

Literally crazy.

The way that all of these distractions have begun to mess up my thoughts has made me start to collectively call them mental noise.

I mean, take a look at those first 200 words. By the time I finished writing them I was already interrupted twice and what normally would take me ten minutes of focused writing to do has now taken half an hour.

Ouch. Three times slower to do one task. Imagine what happens if this happens all day (and it does). It will take me a full nine hours to complete a three hour task thanks to distractions. This is just a rough estimate. I don’t have the data to back this up yet (more on this later). But you can see how bad it’s going to be if you extend this inefficiency into days, weeks and months.

So starting today I’m going to try and develop a new routine which I hope can also help you.

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This Stupid Power Game

Are you frustrated about life in the office?

Ever think people are getting picked over you unfairly?

I finally found out the reason for this and I’ve spent the past few weeks observing it in real life.

It’s true for me and it’s probably going to be true for you.


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SAP By the Numbers: Nobody Told Us About These When We Were Young


You’re not going to be in the 1% but life in this career isn’t so bad either.

I started my career with a net pay of about 150 dollars.

I thought bumping up to $400 was going to be a life changing experience.

It was. Then I started to meet all of these jet setting SAP consultants.

This was about the time I realized that something was up.

We got to thinking about this again during a discussion on what careers were really “hot.” And of course, as with most hot jobs, people tend to also consider salary.

Well, the numbers are out and the numbers for SAP consultants are up.

How high  up? Let’s take a look at the publicly available numbers.

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self improvement everyday

Here’s a Powerful Tip You Can Use Every Day

Ever felt like you wasted a day? 

I’ve had that feeling before. But I recently read about a pretty neat way to etch out a win each day.

If you have been reading business-oriented or self-improvement blogs, you probably already know what this tip is all about. I found this advice a couple of months ago but it’s really something that has resonated with me and I hope it would do the same to you.

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