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This Stupid Power Game

Are you frustrated about life in the office?

Ever think people are getting picked over you unfairly?

I finally found out the reason for this and I’ve spent the past few weeks observing it in real life.

It’s true for me and it’s probably going to be true for you.


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SAP By the Numbers: Nobody Told Us About These When We Were Young


You’re not going to be in the 1% but life in this career isn’t so bad either.

I started my career with a net pay of about 150 dollars.

I thought bumping up to $400 was going to be a life changing experience.

It was. Then I started to meet all of these jet setting SAP consultants.

This was about the time I realized that something was up.

We got to thinking about this again during a discussion on what careers were really “hot.” And of course, as with most hot jobs, people tend to also consider salary.

Well, the numbers are out and the numbers for SAP consultants are up.

How high  up? Let’s take a look at the publicly available numbers.

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Mentoring is important!

Mentoring Juniors Makes Your Team More Efficient

I love to teach. It’s built in my DNA.

Recently, a big SAP upgrade project just went live successfully. Ask me who the was the Project Manager? It wasn’t me. It was my friend and colleague whom I mentored since we’ve worked together back in 2009. For the sake of this article, let’s give him a name – Borgy.

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