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Here’s a Powerful Tip You Can Use Every Day

Ever felt like you wasted a day? 

I’ve had that feeling before. But I recently read about a pretty neat way to etch out a win each day.

If you have been reading business-oriented or self-improvement blogs, you probably already know what this tip is all about. I found this advice a couple of months ago but it’s really something that has resonated with me and I hope it would do the same to you.

I thought it was so simple but so easily overlooked when I first read about it.

Then I realized how powerful this is.

Personal finance gurus swear by it.

Professional athletes live for it.


Here you go:

Improve yourself by 1% a day.

It’s so simple but it will change your life in a big way.

How? Let’s take a look…

1) You will learn a new language in a year

If you start to learn ten new words a day of a language you don’t know about, in a year, you would have a vocabulary of 3,650 words.

If you were trying to learn English, you would already comprehend about 95% of most conversations.

Simply knowing lots of words will not give you complete understanding but it is a very strong pillar for learning a new language. And remember, we’re only talking about ten words a day. What about twenty words a day? That’s 7,300 words in a year!

2) You will start the tiny nest egg that will be your massive fortune

If you made $2,500 a month and saved 1% of it a day, you would save $300 a year.

Peanuts? Of course. But this is where the power of compounding starts to take effect.

Maybe Einstein really said it, maybe he didn’t, but according to him, “Compound interest is man’s greatest invention.”

(Okay, he probably didn’t say it, I checked!:

But compound interest is truly a very interesting phenomenon that very few people actually take advantage of.

Say that this $300 in savings grew by 10% a year.

Let’s say this was a habit that you kept for 20 years.

After 20 years, this habit would have accumulated $18,900.

And this after only setting aside $6,000 of your own money.


Of course $300 a year is not a very good number when it comes to savings (and Leowell will have a lot to say about this).

So what if you bump this number up to something more realistic, like 10% a day?

This is easy. You would have $189,000 after saving only $60,000.




3) You will be in the best shape of your life.

If you are a little round around the waist or like to eat sweets, you have probably tried some of the more popular diets out there. Nobody can blame you, after all, we just really want to get back into shape and look better, right?

Let me guess, it was pretty hard to stick with the diet.

Now how about this? What if you shave 1% of whatever you eat off your plate every day?

If your intake is about 2,500 calorie a day, you’d shave off a spoon of rice, or a pinch of meat.

This kind of reduction will probably not drive you mad. Which is one of the problems I’ve had when trying to cut down on my food intake.

And what happens in three or four months?

You will be eating considerably less and probably not missing the larger servings.

What’s next? How about running an extra half-minute longer each day?

Not much, right?

You would probably struggle just an extra bit more. Just a little bit out of breath for maybe thirty seconds.

But in two months, you’d be running for 30 more minutes. That’s about an extra five kilometers in your jogging distance!

Can you imagine the implications on your health, your body and your waistline?

How about the money you save from not spending it on food and larger clothes?

And how about the lower risk profile for a variety of diseases?

Incredible, right?

4) You will be a very popular person

Do or say one good thing about another person every single day and truly mean it.

In a year, you would have done 365 good deeds.

The result? More people will like you.

And more importantly? You will feel better about yourself.

Doing good to others will make you happier. Science says so!

5) You will be a leading authority in your field of expertise

Write on authoritative blog post a day.

Or comment on someone else’s.

Or just read something new.

Learn one more thing about your job.

Write one more page in a book you’re authoring.

Make enough waves and people will notice.

Help, teach, mentor (link to the mentoring article).

This is how expertise is established and you can always slowly move towards it.

This is how overnight success happens.

6) You will change so many lives for the better

You have probably read about this very cool invention:

What if you could install one of these a day?

Apparently, light is a powerful tool for social mobility. It’s so simple yet so inaccessible to the most poorest of the poor.

How about applying this 1% goal to someone else?

Can you help someone improve their life by 1% a day? Wouldn’t that be something?

People often think of changing the world in a big way. But the reality is, even the most incredible shifts in humanity happen with a small step forward. Rosa Parks refused to get off a bus. A Harvard student wanted to get his classmates together on the web. A hippie decided to build a computer in his garage.

Do something 1% better.

So let’s do something really quick.

What is it you think you can do one day at a time to make yourself 1% better?


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